Random Musings

First There Was…

In the beginning Nate hesitantly created  a blog.

Now the blog was formless and void,

darkness was over the surfice of its empty text boxes,

and Nate’s fingers hovered over the keyboard.

And Nate said, “let there be a title,”


No title appeared.

So after several more attempts at spontaneousness creation and about ten minutes of brainstorming, I gave up on my own lacking creativity and spit out the first idea that my faltering mind felt led towards.

So let me set the tone.

I want this first attempt at blogging to be a detox of all of my pride and selfishness and in-submission that I sense is just waiting to sabotage this blog in the future.

Unfortunately, the only thing that I will ever be able to promise any of you as readers and friends,  is that I will slip up on a quite regular basis.

But when that happens, I need you guys to call me out on it.

Whatever “it” might be.

Misinterpreting scripture. Whining. Lack of faith in God’s promise. Neglecting friendships. As well as a host of other ditches  I have been known to fall into.

Thankfully, there is this wonderful little box where you can “leave a comment” and either challenge or encourage me.

Please use it often!

So in essence:

My personal dream for this blog is that it would have as little to be with me and as much to do with God as possible.  Re-centering on Him in everything we do is absolutely necisary for this to even be remotely worthwhile

To read or to write.

With that I leave you.


4 thoughts on “First There Was…

  1. Looking forward to watching your summer unfold through your eyes and mind. Can’t wait to see what God does. Be sure to keep us posted. Oh, and if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, you might try some of that “instant tan” stuff and walking around on your knees. LOL Love you and praying for you.
    Adios amigo, Marisa (Mrs. A)

  2. Does that mean spelling as well? hahaha jk….i shall look forward to reading your blog and i promise not to correct any grammar all summer 🙂

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hmmmm idk admin rights sound pretty cool but when i make a promise i keep it so i guess my hands are tied 🙂

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