Honduras / Travel

To pack or not to pack…

…That is the question.

Sorry it took so long to get this post published. I had some technical difficulties with my computer. But my good friend Roger, who’s house I am now dwelling in, was kind enough to apply some of his technical savvy towards my computer.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of the mountains of clothes and books that I brought.

One of the few things I actually stressed about in the planning of my trip was my packing inventory.

I spent the weeks before my departure searching endlessly for tank-tops, shorts and flip-flops that would keep me quite cool and comfortable.

But upon arriving in Honduras, I descovered that my clothes made me stick out even more.

Not that I, a 6’3″, white male, need any help sticking out in a Latin American country where the average height cannot be more than 5’5″.

However, it still would have been nice to have known that  button-up shirts, khakis, and tennis shoes are the dress-code here.

Oh well, considering the heat and humidity-

-And the type of clothes this here “gringo” (the local term for North Americans) will be wearing all summer.

I’d say the joke is on them this time.

Time will tell.



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