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These last four days have been a little rough in the communication department.

And this little book right here has been one of my best friends .

Best two dollars my parents ever spent on me.

With that being said,

I’m not trying to completely state the obvious here.


We kinda really screwed ourselves over with the Tower of Babel.

As soon as God said, “Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other” in Genesis 11:7,

Confusion and chaos then ensued.

And after living in 3 different cultures, each with their distinct languages, I can surely say that I have felt the brunt of this curse.

Linguistics have always been a struggle for me.

I would love to lay claim to a decent mastery of the English language,

But when It comes to Warao, (the language of Venezuelan Indians whom my parents worked with for over 6 years.)

And Spanish, (the language I took three years of in high school, and am currently immersed in.)

I simply have no natural ability to comprehend.

Which points to the fact that God has been at work in a supernatural sense in my life for the last four days.

All of the vocabulary which a haven’t studied in 2 years is coming back quite rapidly.

And when I babel on to my Honduran friends in Spanish, their once confused faces have a new light.

A light of understanding.

Which is soooo not my doing in any way.

100% Holy Spirit

Recalling all of my long-lost Spanish.

And more.

10 thoughts on “Babel

  1. Hang in there, man. Language will come easier than you’d expect when you’re immersed in it. Joanna and I will be praying for you and will see you in a month or so.

  2. if you are doing His will, then all your language and memory skills will continue to come back so that you can reach out to the people there. so cool to see what He is doing after only four days!!!

  3. God bless you Nate. God will provide, He always does. Love you very, very much. It’s wonderful to see God working in your life. Grandma

  4. Nate Heard!

    I am so proud of you.
    For the blog writing, for the Honduras traveling, for the soul searching.

    I can’t wait to read what you have to share here!

  5. I am still a little insulted when I read your poetic musings. . . But I will get over it! How appropriate your Babel post is the day before Pentecost! Trust the Holy Spirit will will ignite your tongue with fire, just as He did for the disciples, and all will understand your language when it is most important! I know the Lord will bless you in so many ways this summer! Jake sends his love and prayers to the “Tall Dude!” (spoken from a 1/4 hispanic kid that is vertically challenged.)

    • HAHAHA, wow, loved the part about pentecost, I had completely forgotten about that. I will definitly keep that on my heart
      I apologize once again for the lack of writing savvy in school settings. 😛 where time travel possible- things would be different. haha
      Thanks so much for the encouragement!
      peace and love to you and your family! (especially the cute, vertically-challenged one who would fit right in with the Honduran natives)

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