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First Contact

Upon my arrival in San Pedro Sula a very friendly man who had been sitting a few seats away from me on the plane suddenly approached me and handed me this note.

Unsure of what exactly to do, I unfolded the note and read it slowly.

Twice for good measure.

And to give me enough time to contemplate my response to such a friendly…

…Yet very sketchy offer.

I then engaged him in my first official conversation in Spanish in the beautiful, little country of Honduras.

It was rather lacking to say the least.

And was mainly comprised of unconjugated verbs and mispronounced nouns on my part.

Never-the-less, it was a grand beginning to a day slap- full of conversations of similar character and depth.

Oh well,

I’m sure  Senor Jose Hernon Mejia Zelaya only meant the best.

I shall forevermore remember his smiling face disappearing through the customs gate in a hot Honduran airport.

Adios mi amigo!


5 thoughts on “First Contact

  1. So happy that you are somewhat settled in Honduras. Perhaps the man from the airplane was one of God’s angels, sent to encourage/help you in that foreign country. Always love for you, mimi.

  2. Nate, your blog is great! Very creative, innovative, and very ….. you! That’s the best part. It will be good to keep up and be able to have informed praying for you and God’s work in you and through you. Thanks for the time you take in writing it.

  3. Gos bless you Nate. God will supply. He always does. It’s great to see
    god working in your life. Have a great summer and learning experience. We all love you very much. Grandma

  4. Nate, I knew I should have spoken to you en Español every chance I saw you! I will be praying for you and I know you are in God’s hands and He will do great and mighty things for you, with you and through you! Take care and take lots of pics! Love your blog! (my first blo, blo,blog!)

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