Honduras / Travel

Week One






5 words cannot sum up an entire week

Maybe 5 pictures can though?

The view up the mountain from my backyard .... not entirely sure what's up there... hmmm... smells like adventure!

Four games of futbol in one day = championship + major sunburn that day.


A bit of the local fauna that I got faaar too close to in hopes of capturing a worthy picture of these 3 inch long wasps.


A little lakeside village that we visited. The name of which escapes me.

Elias! my companion whom I braved the stormy waters with today in search of the quite elusive black bass.

Yeah- just 5 pictures won’t suffice

5 hours of face-to-face chatting just might do the trick though!

Unfortunately that will have to wait

Because  I still have 7 more weeks in Central America


Bottom line of this whole post being –

God has been incredibly good to me this first week

Today I  tried to scribble down in my journal all that I have to be  thankful for

-A task which I soon discovered to be  far more hopeless than summing up a week in 5 words-

At one point I thought I had it all


Yeah right

As the day progressed – the Spirit continued working in my heart and called to mind more and more blessings He had poured out on me throughout the week that I had managed to overlook in my ignorance and blindness.

What a God we serve!

3 thoughts on “Week One

  1. Like the pictures also Nate. Thanks.Yes we have so much to be thankful for and how easy it is to forget sometimes.

  2. i second what your dad said….love the pics and can’t wait for the stories!!! and yes it is so easy to overlook our wonderful blessings!

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