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Of the very tame sort that is.

A few days ago I had the privilege of visiting one of Taulabe’s caves.

This gringo brought his camera and took lots of pictures

But mostly without his flash

So the majority were uselessly blurry

The remnant of which have made a  late appearance on my blog is due to the sporadic internet services here in Honduras.

It seems like whenever I am able to etch out a little time to write –

the internet fails.

Oh well,

All the more time to spend on what actually matters:


Which are steadily building.

But that’s a whole other conversation

Back to spelunking.

a group of locals who braved the steamy cave with me

a chunk of rock the size of a car, wedged into a crevice 50 feet above our heads

deep within the cave I found this little speck of green hugging the florescent light for dear life... it made me thinkangel's wing? anyone?



mi amigo Don Rogelio, showing me the living water deep within the mountain


Enjoy the pics

I promise that my posts in the near future will be more substantial

I just didn’t want anyone to think that I had disappeared from the face of the earth

Love you guys much!



  • God has been answering prayers, He has begun to allow my eyes to see pieces of His plan for my life falling in place through my work in the clinic.
  • He has also protected His child well and blessed me over the last few days by teaching me to be content no matter what the circumstances.
  • Pray that this work would continue and be intensified substantially in the days to come.

He is good, give Him the praise He deserves!

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