Honduras / Mission

hot dogs galore

2+ weeks

That’s how long I have neglected this blog.

I apologize to those who might have checked it time and again.

Only to find it void of any new material.

But that shall change.

These past two weeks have held many surprises, challenges and encouragements.

The bulk of which I was able to jot down in my various journals.

But the overaching theme of this time was a series of one-day VBS programs

Accompanied by icecream and hotdogs





And if you though the contents of an American dog were rather sketchy.

Try to imagine those of a Honduran dog


But as my hate for these multi-animal-tubes-of-meat has grown, so has my realization of all that God is doing through them.

This ministry has been going strong for thirteen years.

Entire villages gather around annually in order to hear a Bible story or two and chow down on the free food.

But this year was different.


We still used the infamous hot dogs to attract all the people into one place.

However, instead of trying to pass out food in a multitude of villages, the leaders of CCH decided to slow down and invest a day at a time.


Playing games


And most importantly:

Giving the children of each village a wholeistic view of the God’s redeeming plan.

Something that rarely happens in a country full of complacent “church-goers”

Catholic and Evangelical alike.

Who are often notorious for only sharing bits and pieces of an epic history.


With well over 500 children and adults claiming salvation in just two weeks, how could anyone deny God’s work here in Honduras!

(Luke 15:10)      “I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

I have been incredibly encouraged by our Father’s ability to heal broken hearts and pursue His loved ones ceaselessly.

What wonders He can do with just a few willing hearts and a touch of boldness!

The harvest truly is plentiful.

Pray that more workers would be burdened to give their lives away in order to bring His love to every people. (Matthew 28)


  • That God would continue His incredible work in the hearts of these children who claim His name.
  • That God would strengthen me and give me supernatural boldness.
  • That the Americans God brought to Honduras would keep His flame burning brightly in their hearts as they love God and neighbor in the USA.

One thought on “hot dogs galore

  1. i’m glad to see you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and decided to post a new blog haha 🙂 praying for ya nate!!

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