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“Rio Coco Beans”

"Good coffee, great cause"

Our God has a funny way of bring people together. The harder I look on my own, the less I seem to find, but this week, when I was least expecting to meet anyone even the slightest bit interested in God, I found some of the most Spirit-driven and interesting people I know.

It was after a long day of snorkeling among the reefs around the Island of Utila that Roger (my Honduran brother), and I stumbled in upon the first restaurant we saw, an exquisite, little coffee shop named “Rio Coco Beans.”

After quenching my thirst, I soon fell into conversation with several of the people running the coffee bar. I was quickly surprised to discover that the shop had only been open for about a week and that the people staffing it were an odd assortment of volunteers from Hawaii, Florida, and North Carolina who had each chosen to spend the summer on the island of Utila. The beautiful aspect of their presence though was that they were all united by one common goal- to bring the light of the gospel to a little Island in the Caribbean best known for its beautiful reefs and wild parties.

As the day drew to a close, they invited us to attend a little church service being held the following day in the coffee-shop.

This was a real blessing for me in so many ways.

Recently, my spiritual walk has been wavering a bit because of the sheer busyness of life

But more-so because of the lack of a community of believers here in Honduras (that I can understand and speak to with my limited Spanish) .

So as soon as the words left their mouths, I knew it was an invitation from God.


An invitation to worship Him, to read about His great works, and to enjoy His presence with a group of like-minded individuals. Something I took for granted all to often in the past, But have now developed a new and vital taste and appreciation for.

That next morning was wonderful to say the least. Not only did we get to do the aforementioned things, but I also met more of the group serving in Utila this summer. Namely, a man by the name of Michael Bagby and his wife and kids.


Mike began working with the ministry called “Project Ezra” in 1985 when he went to Rio Coco on the eastern border of Honduras to work with the Miskito Refugees. These people had fled Nicaragua  to escape persecution by the Sandinista Regime. Over the next few years the Lord raised up teachers, buildings, and school supplies to educate the children, some of which had not attended school in over five years. From its humble beginnings, Project Ezra has grown to include 1200 students all along the Rio Coco. (A complete history can be found at SeektheLamb and I would highly recommend delving into it if you have some spare time). Mike later opened a line of coffee shops named “Rio Coco Beans” which is based in Vero Beach, Florida and Is a main source of support for Project Ezra, and the reason I even met him in the first place.


The point of this post being, God always at work. His timing is best and He truly knows how to take care of His children. He sees my heart and knows what I need and when I need it. And this weekend- He let me meet a lot of chill people and truly enjoy his awesome presence in the community of other Christ followers..!

…and discover some good coffee as well, haha 🙂


Take care!


2 thoughts on ““Rio Coco Beans”

  1. i like the line that says “after a hard day of snorkeling around the reef…” it’s real hard work lol. glad you got to have some fun and enjoy good coffee as well!

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