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God and Guaimaca

Psalm 8:3-4
“When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,
what is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?”

Our God is an artist unlike any the world knows.

No matter how many lies the world feeds us, all we have to do is look at the very molecules that hold our bodies and this very universe together.

They seep design, like a million tiny brushstrokes denoting the artist’s skill.

Where It not for the constant staying of His hand,

All we know would cease to exist in an instant.

But zoom out a bit now,

Our God works on all levels.

The hand that stays the universe day by day belongs to the same one who has painted my entire life in vivid colors on the canvas that is Eternity.

The last week of July that I spent in Guaimaca showed me this in undeniable ways.

While I was busy doubting His involvement the whole time I was preparing for the trip, He was busy putting the finishing on a week that truly shaped my ideas about medicine and my future involvement in it.

Let me try to hastily sketch this fabulous week out for you with my faltering hands.

The week began when I met the surgical brigade of over 30 surgeons, doctors, nurses, and students in the Tegucigalpa Airport.

Over the next few hours we got to know each other better as we shared stories and aching backs in the relic of a school bus that BMDMI (Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International) uses to transport their teams to the hospital .

Day two, we attended the local church service and then waded into the Baptist hospital’s waiting room where hundreds of people had journeyed from all over Honduras to be attended to by the handful of North American doctors. That day’s activities also included the cleaning and reorganizing of the Hospitals surgical rooms and equipment and preparing the week’s list of almost 60 patients.

Day three, the fun began. Since we were pretty well staffed as far as third-world, medical teams go, I was able to bounce around quite a bit and  to watch, learn from, and help several different doctors as they preformed a myriad of different surgeries. Later that night God allowed me to use what Spanish I have gleaned these last two months to comfort the patients who were recovering from surgery. Many of them had traveled from far, far away and didn’t have family to keep them company throughout the night. I’ve heard it’s nice to have someone to talk to and to change your IV bags and to dole out meds when it gets painful.  Over the week I really enjoyed that side of patient care, and would often wonder in and out of the recovery rooms throughout the night just talking and helping the night nurse.

Day four was what really opened my eyes to how creative and original this wonderful artist we call “Lord” truly is. Throughout the day I got to scrub into and assist the doctors with three different cases: a laparoscopic gall bladder removal, a varicose veins removal, and an orthopedic tendon lengthening surgery. As I lied in bed that night, I found it so hard to believe that I, a seventeen-year-old, just out of high-school could be assisting in surgeries that most medical school students don’t get to see until their third and fourth years. Undeniably, Everything I had seen that day pointed directly to our creator’s hand in the way our bodies work. The human body is absolutely incredible. A priceless work of art that we cannot value enough.

Days five and six went much like the fourth. I saw more, learned more, and did more than I deem possible as I reflect back on it now.

So as the week drew to a close, I found myself wishing that this time would never end. I felt so at home, so useful, so intrigued and drawn in by this type of medical work, that I found myself wishing that it would never end. My prayer now is that the time I spent in Guaimaca would continue to fuel my passion for medicine as I enter my first year of college in just five days. Studies will be tough, that is a given, but I pray that God would keep alive this spark that he has set in my heart for those with medical needs in third-world settings.

As God keeps adding stroke after stroke to picture that is becoming my life, I cannot help but to praise His underrated ability. Over the eons, far to many people have brought criticism against the very Artist who sculpted their very existence. Based on His glory, which I cannot deny, it is all I can do but to posture my life, my actions, and my words to draw glory to my creator, not I, his undeserving creation!

Here is a picture gallery I have included to document the week’s progress, Enjoy!

The other Incredible blessing that God poured out on me that week was my mother’s presence with the team as a translator. The day before the group was due, she decided to come (without notifying me). So she dropped everything, filled out all of the paperwork and hopped on a plane for Honduras. I know she had second, third, and fourth thoughts about using the money, but I also know that God used her greatly that week, both to comfort the patients and to liven up the team.

Thanks Mom! for wading through all my paperwork, for keeping in touch, for constantly encouraging, and for just being there all week long!

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