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Sons and daughters and nothing less.

What if I told you that Satan is absolutely terrified of you?

What if every time he looks at you he sees God’s fingerprints all over you and he can’t help but to scream in anger?

What if your face haunts his nightmares simply because He recognizes the sheer amount of power and authority that is within your reach if only you would fully step into your identity as a son or daughter of the King?

How would you stop an army of young people, filled with the Spirit, and hungry to see the gates of hell torn open and captives walking free in the streets?

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

The more I have looked at my own life, the more I have begun to realize that one of Satan’s greatest strategies is to convince us that we are something other than what God created us to be.

That sounds far to simple to be an effective battle plan… right?

God fashioned each of us with particular strengths and gifts that are meant to advance His Kingdom. So when Satan sees someone beginning to exhibit a gift, he loads them down with so many false insecurities that they are blinded to their own strengths and can never step into their true kingdom  identities.

What we perceive as our greatest weaknesses, God often sees as our greatest strengths.

We can be guilty of letting Satan tell us who we arn’t and not allowing our Heavenly father to tell us who we are in Him.

As for me, I have constantly struggled with feeling adequate in the academic world. God has called me towards a life serving His children as a doctor in overseas medical missions. (Which means about 12 more years in academia.) Yet I wake up every day and have to fight against new lies in my life telling me that I am not smart enough, or not motivated enough, or just simply not called into medicine.

Which is quite the opposite of what my Father has told me.

The thought of me using modern medicine and the power of Jesus to heal people absolutely terrifies Satan.

He hates that a group of college students would dare to  spread the love of God all summer long  in one of his darkest strongholds.

So he attacks us relentlessly with thoughts of inadequacy and fears of failure. Because that is all he has to hurl at us.

This is the reality we live in. There is a war going on around us. There are casualties. There is pain and continual suffering. There are fresh new soldiers stepping onto the battlefield for the first time.

I only have 5  days left until I dive headfirst into whatever God has for me this summer.

  • Pray that the love of God would be real, and fresh, and undeniable in my thoughts and actions.
  • That I would be able to discern all the lies that Satan tries to snare me with.
  • That I would step deeper into my true identity as a son of the living God.

Thank you and bless you all!

PS:   This is the address that I will be using all summer. Feel free to send letters to it. 🙂

P.O. Box 80322, 8000 Davao City, Philippines


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