Mission / Philippines / United States

Orientation Week.

Nehemiah Team’s orientation week in Alabama was incredible. It was an intense time of training and intentional prayer about our respective missions this summer.

The feeling of being surrounded by 160 other college-age people. All on fire for their savior and ready to smash the gates of hell to pieces is one that I wont even try to describe.

The teaching was full of truth, the Spirit was at work, and God was glorified, so who could ask for more.

Something beautiful that I didn’t expect to see was the way that the Spirit worked in many of the people I am going to be serving with this summer.

Several Nehemiah Team members gave their lives to God and many others were baptized in preparation for the work God has for them this summer.

The trip to the Philippines was long. But it was fun. I had many a good conversation with the people who got trapped beside me and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of my team mates.

Once we arrived in the Philippines, it wasn’t to much of a shock. Third world markets are the same anywhere you go. And when you are tall and white, you tend to draw stares whether it be in Honduras, Haiti, or the Philippines. So I didn’t struggle with culture shock nearly as much as I have in the past.

For the last five or so days we have been living in a healthcare complex known as the BOOST. From there we have gone out each day to evangelize and hold bible studies in the surrounding villages. In exactly one week the healthcare team will split up into 4 smaller teams and travel to their respective rural sites. There we will spend the rest of the summer using medicine to open the doors to sharing the gospel.

Well I guess that is all for now. I’ll update you as soon as I get internet access again.

Be blessed!


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