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Prayer = Power

I overheard someone drop this little piece of wisdom during orientation.

“The team that prays the most will see the Kingdom of God  advance the most this summer.”

That has stuck with me for the last week and a half and I just thought I would share it. Because we are in a war. 

I wish I could water that fact down and make it more palatable for those of us with busy schedules and comfortable routines to follow. Because it takes a lot of time and energy to get down on our knees and intimately talk to God. To stand in the gap and cry out to God for our brothers and sisters across the world who have not yet entered into the Kingdom.

Pray in groups if God leads you. There is power in that.

Matthew 18:19-20

“Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

I’m not asking you guys to do something easy. I don’t just want a place for my picture on your fridge or my name on a long list of names that you mention to God every night before you go to bed. I’m begging you to abandon time every day to intentionally intercede for the mission God has called me on. I’m asking you to partner with what God is doing this summer in the Philippines.

Because without Him it is all utterly hopeless. If he doesn’t show up in power every time I step out of the mission base, then my mission is pointless.

I will never be able to save a single person. No matter how eloquent my words are or how spot-on my presentation of the gospel is, it can never save them. Only the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father can lead them to the cross.

So pray!

  • Pray for the soil here in the Philippines. (Read Matthew 13: 1-9) I want to see a hundred-fold harvest this summer.
  • Pray that the nominal Catholics could see the futility of their lukewarm lives.
  • Pray that the animism that permeates every bit of life here would be exposed for what it is – the worship of demons.
  • Pray that the chains of alcoholism that bind so many of the Philippino men would be broken.
  • Pray that I would be sensitive to the Spirit and allow Him to lead me to shine the light in the darkest places.

I know that many of you have been in prayer. And I thank you for that. It means far more than either you or I can begin to imagine.  Prayer is our most powerful weapon. The gates of Hell shake at the sound of our feeble whispered prayers and the demons flee at the mention of the coming King. 

4 thoughts on “Prayer = Power

  1. wow….wonderful post. have been and will keep praying for you definitely! by the way, i’m impressed with the three blogs in one night 🙂 be safe, stay strong!

  2. hey pal, this was wonderful…. just like Jules said 🙂 So glad you made it and you are having a great first week 🙂 You know I am praying for you 🙂 Expect pictures soon. Love you!

      • haha no….. Daddy has to still go talk to the Chief and tell him whatever a Dad needs to tell a group of only guys….. So when he does that I will turn in the rest of my apps 😉 goober!! But is is going super fantastic!! This summer has been the best one yet I am pretty sure!!

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