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E.G. Montilla

Population: 1100.

Number of households: 200.

Major religions: Animism, Catholicism, and a cult called “Punon.”

Most common livelihood: Farming of corn and rice.


The village we will be spending the rest of the summer in goes by the name of E.G. Montilla. Its people are extremely friendly, but extremely lost. Bits and pieces of the Gospel have reached their ears, but Satan has done a thorough job of mixing lies and twisting animistic beliefs into the villagers minds. The strange mix of Animism and Catholicism that they embrace is confusing to say the least.  Not to mention the followers of a cult called “Punon” that has drawn a strong following in this village. They rural farmers here have seen very few, if any white people before and they are fascinated with everything we do and say. We spent three days last week going from house to house introducing ourselves, conducting health surveys and explaining why exactly 4 white people have taken up residence in their village. we are always greeted and welcomed in peacefully, but there is definitely something strange and dark about the village as a whole. It’s people seem to live in a fog of fear and confusion.

Even after spending only 3 days here, I have definitely realized that my team and I have our work cut out for us this summer. The sheer size of our village. Combined with the false gospels the inhabitants have allready imbraced has made the soil extremely dry and hard to penetrate.

But the God I serve is the best at breathing life into dust. He has placed me here for a reason this summer and all I can do is simply follow where He leads me.


Pray that our Father in Heaven would breath life into this dry and weary land. Pray that its inhabitants would hunger and thirst for more and more life. That they would not simply be satisfied by what the world can offer them. But they would crave abundant life and have the boldness to pursue it.

Thank you all!


2 thoughts on “E.G. Montilla

  1. Praying for you, your team, and the villagers. Also praying for our Lord to give you wisdom in each situation. A care package has been sent to you. God bless.

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