Mission / Philippines


We met Kuya during the first week we were in the village. While we were doing medical surveys I do believe. I know that when I saw him I didn’t think very much about him. He was short, stocky, had high blood pressure, and always wore a goofy smile. Nothing really distinguished Him form the other Philippine men. But God used this man to teach me the truth in His words in 1 Samuel 16:7

“The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

The first Bible study that we led at Kuya’s house was very encouraging. My teammate chose to teach about the prodigal son and to share the gospel through that story. After sharing the story our translator asked Kuya if He had ever heard it before… He said “No.” Then she led Him through the gospel and explained to Him what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. At the end Kuya said that he believed and wanted to follow the Jesus that we followed. So we had the privilege of watching Him Step into the Kingdom.

Over the next few weeks we came back to his house over and over again to encourage him and tell him more about God. The second time we came back we were expecting to only share with him, however, upon stepping into his house we found that he had invited 8 of his neighbors to hear the word as well.

We also brought him a Cebuano bible to read in his spare time and on our last day in the village we stopped by his house for the last time to share a couple of scriptures that God had put on our hearts. As we read these verses we saw him folding each page in half, so we asked why he did that. Kuya said “I fold every page of every bible story that you teach so that I can share them with my wife and kids whenever they get home every day.”

That simply wrecked me! This man was so hungry for the word of God. He has such a huge heart for His family and neighbors. In the few short weeks that I have known Kuya, I have seen him grow so much. I have no doubt that God is going to use Him in mighty ways as a leader in this church that He is raising up in the village of E.G. Montilla.

So join me in intentional prayer for Kuya.

  • Praise God that he has the word of God at his finger-tips and that he has someone to disciple him.
  • Pray that He would step out in boldness and not be afraid of what His neighbors and family say about him.
  • Pray that God would give Him wisdom and a gift of Pastoring.
  • Pray that the worries of the world would not blur his vision and that He would run the race with endurance and faith.


* FYI “Kuya” was not actually this man’s name. I chose to use the generic title of “Kuya” to protect his anonymity. “Kuya” actually means “big brother” in Cebuano.

*I want to share some close-up stories with you to give you an idea about what my summer was like. They are intended to focus on one tiny aspect of this summer at a time, not the summer as a whole. And as always, God receives every bit of glory for every one of these simple testimonies. So praise be to Him the author of our faith!

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