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A King and a Kingdom (Part 1)

Here is a short story that parallels the journey God is leading me on in this season of my life.

Luke 10:2

“He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Once upon a time, there was a good King who became the ruler of a vast Kingdom. The Kingdom was so vast that there were many people who had never even heard the name of their King. They lived every day in fear that a bad king would come and take everything from them. However, the good King was nothing like any other king the world had known. He loved His subjects so much that He couldn’t stand the thought of them living their lives in fear. He loved them so much that He called one of His beloved sons to Himself and said,

“GO, as my ambassador, to the very ends of my kingdom and TELL everyone you meet that they serve a good King who loves them and cares for them more than they can possibly imagine.”

The ambassador set out on a road leading to the farthest corner of the Kingdom. He traveled for many days and told many people about their King’s love for them and many of them rejoiced. One day, the ambassador came to a place where the road he had been traveling on split into ten different roads all leading in different directions. So the ambassador thought to himself,

“What should I do?… If I go down one road and tell all the people I meet about my King, then how will the people who live down the other nine roads ever hear His name? And if I try to make my way down every road, I might die before all have a chance to hear of my King’s love. No,” he thought to himself. “I must return to the King and beg him to send out more of His followers. Only then will His glorious name be made known in every corner of the land.”

When the ambassador arrived back at the King’s city, He told the King about the vast need he had encountered. He then fell on his face before the throne and begged the King to send out more workers. Because the King was so good, He gathered more of His sons and daughters and sent them out as ambassadors of His Kingdom so that every man, woman and child from every tribe tongue and nation could have the chance to call Him their King.

But this is not The End

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