I’m going to keep this simple and short.

Because I’m just your average guy. One who isn’t extremely gifted with words.

Thankfully, words are cheap and actions weigh far more than words ever could.

Nothing about this blog is meant to validate me or draw attention to anything I do.

Instead, I hope Father uses the  simple words and pictures this blog contains to encourage you and to fuel any prayer He moves you to offer up for me.

That being said.  My name is Nate Heard, son of Zack and Michelle Heard. God has blessed be with five younger siblings who I get to watch God mold into beautiful children of His Kingdom.  I myself was born in Alabama and spent most of my childhood in the Jungles of Venezuela. After the president of the country forced the missionaries to leave the tribes, my family and I moved to Chihuahua, Mexico where I spent my highschool years. In 2010 we left the mission field and moved to Travelers Rest, SC where my family now lives. I am currently attending Anderson University where Father has called me to study pre-med with the dream of once day ending up on the international medical field as a missionary-doctor.

My true identity however, cannot be found in where I have been, what I have done, or even what I am called to be.

I am only who my Father in heaven says I am.

And He’s pretty fond of me for some strange reason.

He actually calls me His Beloved, His Child, and His Friend.

And He’s by far the smartest person I have ever met.

So I guess that’s who I really am.



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