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Hello friends! I have set aside this day to do a little Sabbathing, and also to fill you in on the whirlwind that is currently my life as I know it. Random Sidenotes: ( * I’ve got a whole lot to write about. Therefore, this post is going to be just as short and choppy as … Continue reading

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Just add water and… shake?

There’s just something about waterfalls. They mesmerize and enchant me in a way words can very rarely describe. Flowing, cascading, powerful, unrelenting, and satisfying. A beautiful image of God’s own character. To the often nomadic Israelites, living water was always a symbol of abundant life. Therefore, It’s no wonder that from the beginning of the Bible to the end, … Continue reading

Honduras / Random Musings


Or Soccer. Be you of the USA. Whatever the name of the game, God has used this silly little sport to teach me a couple of important lessons. 1. Don’t mess with Hondurans in soccer. When your entire country is obsessed with one sport, your bound to have at least a few good players. (Or maybe more than a … Continue reading

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Of the very tame sort that is. A few days ago I had the privilege of visiting one of Taulabe’s caves. This gringo brought his camera and took lots of pictures But mostly without his flash So the majority were uselessly blurry The remnant of which have made a  late appearance on my blog is due to the sporadic … Continue reading

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Week One

Busy engaging learning unaccustomed draining 5 words cannot sum up an entire week Maybe 5 pictures can though?     Yeah- just 5 pictures won’t suffice 5 hours of face-to-face chatting just might do the trick though! Unfortunately that will have to wait Because  I still have 7 more weeks in Central America Yipee! Bottom … Continue reading