am positive this will not be any more detailed than what you could easily find on Wikipedia. So if you are looking for exquisite details, then don’t waste your time here.  However, my hope is that this page would inform you  just enough to make start a thirst for more geographical and social information about Honduras. Furthermore, my hope is that whoever reads this will be better able to pray for the people of Honduras and my mission amongst them.

OK, allow me to quickly and sporadically regurgitate the abbreviated contents of several articles about the little, Central American country of Honduras.



For the most part, the Honduran government faces an uphill battle. Ever since the 2009 coup d’état, its people have slowly been regaining ground in both political and economic fields. That being said, Honduras is still the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Its long history of corruption and military rule has left many dashed hopes and struggling families.

This predominantly spanish-speaking country was originally named “Honduras” because of the great depths off its coasts. Geographically, the nation is quite mountainous and has a predominantly tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons found throughout the year.

Although this nation’s population has almost hit eight million, many of its people still live in absolute, desperate poverty. Basic necessities like the food and water, which are taken for granted in the U.S. every day, can often be a scarcity for the people of Honduras. The lack of health education and clinical care is also a problem.  The growing population has always been in a desperate struggle with diseases and many have lost their lives to simple infections and other medical circumstances that could easily be addressed by modern medicine and proper nutrition.

Over 96 percent of Hondurans claim christianity as their religion and the evangelical church there has been growing quite strongly throughout the last forty years, now representing a 23 percent chunk of the population. This is exciting and extremely encouraging, but these people still need a large quantity of prayer. God has done some really beautiful stuff there, but Honduras as a whole is still a very lost nation.

One that has been hurt.

One that needs a saviour’s healing.

Yet that is still looking in the wrong places to find that wellspring of eternal life that is none other than Jesus. Until they come to face with this, The people of Honduras, will be ever searching, but never finding.

Ever hurting, yet never healing.

Ever thirsting, but never truly drinking .

The top arrow indicates where I will fly into and the bottom one denotes the location where I will spend the bulk of my summer working in the local clinic.

Pray that the leaders of this country would be righteous, and resolute, and wise in way they lead.



This is the beautiful little country that I get to spend my 2011 summer in.

Get excited!

If you still want to know mare about Honduras, this site might very well be helpful to you:



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