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Why not this generation? #2

I have recently found myself falling in love with missionary stories.

There is something so appealing and organic and real about the way they bring glory to God through their simple stories.

Stories about the Moravian missionary movement  are some of my favorite.

These guys were absolutely on fire for God and they were willing to give anything to see the ends of the earth know the name of Jesus.

From humble beginnings in Herrnhut, German, the Moravians were the first to send international missionaries on a large scale.

And the missionaries they sent were atypical as well.

They were unordained (lay) people who simply had a heart for the nations and wanted to see “the lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering.”

They packed their belongings in coffins to symbolize Their willingness to die for their savior.

They boarded ships for the most dangerous and unreached places on earth and they were used tremendously by God to bring His light into the darkness.

I want to be a part of a generation who’s zeal matches that of the Moravians.

The nations are ripe for harvest. 

But the workers are pitifully few.


That the lord of the harvest  would raise up workers.

-Luke 10:2

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