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10 Reasons Not To Become a Missionary (Written by Laura Parker)

1. Don’t Become a Missionary if You Think You Are Going to Change the World. First, high expectations doom to disappoint, but, also, maybe your desire to change the world is trumping your desire to serve. Ask yourself if you would be happy moving overseas to a much harsher environment in order to quietly help a local, while getting … Continue reading

Obligation of a Generation to Evangelize
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Obligation of a Generation to Evangelize

“The Church…possesses a remarkable resource. Think of her membership! There are not less that 135,000,000 members of Protestant churches.” Today there are 680,000,000 Bible-believing evangelicals world wide. This means that for every believer there are only 9 non-believers and for every unreached people group, there are 583 Christian congregations. “With over 500 missionary societies and … Continue reading

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He loves you… Because He loves you…


This short teaching by Graham Cooke has completely shifted my paradigm on more than one occasion. So I thought I would share it with you. The fantastic simplicity and power of the Gospel of grace that I embrace is captured so well in this video.
Stop worrying, stop thinking, stop trying to be something.
And BE still. Soak in this truth. Let it change everything.

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